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Installation videos

S/Line Mount Installation
By following the instructions given in the video "S/Line Mount Installation", install the S/Line mount. First, remove the stem and the spacer. Then, insert the mount. Replace the stem to ensure smooth steering. Finally, adjust for optimal alignment.
Antenna Installation
Unscrew the screws with a 3mm Allen key. Insert the antenna, position it flat downwards, and tighten the screws. Add the "bungie" line below. Upon removal, re-screw to keep the antenna in place.
Quick Release Diver Installation
To install the S/LINE "quick release" diver, start by screwing the piece into the S/LINE mount using pliers. Then pull the ring to insert the antenna into the base of the mount, ensuring the ring points downwards. This system facilitates the removal of the antenna when elevated.
Spacer Installation
To mount the S/LINE mount with a Teflon spacer on a diving stem, start by loosening the screw in the center of the stem. Remove it from the headset, then place the Teflon ring around. Install the S/LINE mount over the ring. Replace the stem to the correct height, align it with the front wheel, and tighten well. Press the mount firmly against the headset, align it correctly, and finally, tighten the alignment screw with a 3mm Allen key.
Quick Installation Tutorial
Quick Install for quick release